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Reco-Palett Kft. - EUR raklap és egyutas paletta javítása és értékesítése - pallet -paletta



Repair service

The major range of the activities of Reco-Palett Kft. Include repairing and renewing pallets, which represents its commitment to the development of environmental protection.

In our well-equipped yard we are ready and prepared to meet our clients’ demands to the full, applying the technology adopted from the parent company.

We carry out our repair service in an exchange-system so our partners can immediately receive prime pallets instead of damaged pallets. At the client’s request it’s possible to carry and even temporarily store the graded pallets at our site.

As the first step of repair service a preliminary on-the-spot inspection takes place – together with the client – in the course of which we examine the overall quality of pallets and propose to the client a repair construction most advantageous for both parties.

Description of action

- Pre-selection, grading, sorting
- Preparation for carrying
- Carrying out the service


To serve our partners with adequate quantity of recycled pallets, we have to do assure the collection of recyclable pallets of sufficient amount, quality and type.

Reco-Palett Kft. primarily performs the collection of standard EUR and 800x1200 exterior sized disposable pallets suitable for recycling.
In case of complete pallet handling, we are prepared to take over waste pallets, too, which are suitable only for energetic utilisation.


Reco-Palett Kft. deals with turning over newly produced standard EUR and individual sized pallets along with recycled pallets. We have contacts with the biggest manufacturers, who provide the required quantity continuously.

Types of pallets for sale:

- EUR standard new pallets
- EUR standard recycled pallets in mint condition
- EUR standard recycled grey pallets

- 800x1200 recycled pallets
- 1000x1200 recycled pallets
- Cover pallets

- Special sized produced new pallet

Environmental protection, Recycling and Utilisation

Reco Palett Kft.’s main aim is the rationalization of using one-way and standard pallets with increasing duration of life, logistic coordination and optimising the supply/demand.
In the course of the waste-recycling technology the whole quantity of accepted waste is recycled (mostly in its original material) so through a high level of economisation the protection of our environment gets efficiently ensured.


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